Miiny Mobile Gaming Network (Miiny Holdings Pte Ltd; company reg. 201603755N) is a Singapore startup specialising in mobile game development that aims to break into the competitive global mobile gaming industry.

Officially launched in January 2018, Miiny develops mobile games based on these core foundations: Fun, Futuristic, Tech and Educational. Each of its mobile games fulfils one or more of these core beliefs.

Miiny is committed to designing and developing memorable mobile games that stand apart in a crowded mobile app store. We are home to the best talent from around Asia - from game programmers, 3D modellers, animators, character designers, artists and more, working together to create one of a kind mobile games that can be enjoyed for years.

With three games under its belt: Egg Legend, Miiny Words Chef and Miiny Landlord Fight (our take on the popular card game from China Dou Di Zhu), Miiny is currently working on its flagship game, Lords Mania: Eternal War, alongside a number of new titles that’s sure to shake up the future of mobile gaming.

Our Vision is to be recognised as a leading international games development company, creating exciting titles and constantly improving our line-up of mobile games so it can be played for years.

Our Mission is to constantly develop great games that caters to a wide audience. Whether you’re playing games to learn, or you have the competitive spirit to be the very best, we want to make games tailored for you.

The brainchild behind Miiny is Mr Kenneth Tham, founder and CEO, who has been in the IT and games development industry for 15 years.

“Miiny is the culmination of my lifelong work. We want to be the first Singapore company to be a major player in the global gaming industry” – Kenneth Tham