Lords Mania: Eternal War is a fantasy inspired, real-time card-based strategy mobile game. Command your Troops and wield magical Spells, represented as digital cards, to destroy your opponent’s Towers while simultaneously defending yours.

What is Lords Mania: Eternal War

Lords Mania: Eternal War combines several genres: RPG, real-time strategy, and a digital card game.

The aim of the game is to destroy your opponent’s towers by using your unique deck of eight cards formed from Spells and Troops. You can mix and match the deck however you like. There’s also a special 9th card, called the Avatar. You create and customize this Avatar at the start of the game, representing you as you lead your Troops to glory. The cards you choose and the timing to play them is key to defeating your opponent.

The playing field is divided in half, with each player required to protect their 3 Defence Towers. By using Tower Enhancement Spell cards, you can enhance your Towers to drive off enemy attacks.

You win a battle by destroying more towers than your opponent after the time limit or destroying the opponent’s Lord’s Tower, resulting in an automatic victory. Be careful not to let your own Lords’ Towers go unguarded, as you’ll need to simultaneously defend your towers from your opponent’s Avatar and Troops.

Assert your dominance by earning Glory Points as you fight multiplayer battles, climbing the Leaderboard to become the strongest in the world.

Create your own Avatar

Before you begin your journey into the world of Lords Mania: Eternal War, you have the opportunity to create your very own character, your Avatar in the world of Lords Mania – the 9th card of your deck. After selecting your gender, you can recreate yourself or make your ideal fantasy character into the game, with loads of faces, hairstyles and colour options to choose from.

Then, you will be tasked to select a class. Each class has its own strengths and weaknesses, which can be augmented or invalidated through the cards you choose to form your deck.

• Tank: Proficient in melee weapons

• Range: An expert in range weaponry

• Summoner: Able to call forth a trustable ally ready to attack at a moment’s notice

As you play through the game, you will be able to strengthen your character’s stats to truly dominate your enemies. You can also earn and purchase new costumes to give your character a truly tyrannical or adorable makeover.

Dive into the Adventure Mode, an epic tale of unending conflict

Let the Advisor guide you through the unending conflict between the major races of Lords Mania: Royalties, Savages, Werewolves and Vampires, each with their own agenda and ambition in this war for precious land and resources.

This immersive RPG Adventure Mode leaves the important decisions in your hands. You have the power to make decisive choices that could lead to peace among the races, or further advance this war. As you journey through the story of Lords Mania: Eternal War, you will earn more cards and Coins to improve your deck.


They were one of the most ancient races to inhabit the land and were once the most populated species before the Demons rose from the depths of hell. Those who deserted their own kind and came to the Demon’s aid gave up humanity were granted immense power and immortality to become Vampires. After losing two thirds of their overall population, the humans reformed a new kingdom again with shared cultures and lifestyles. It was peaceful for a while, following a monarchy ruled by Royalties of the old society.


Vampires were originally mortal humans. With the invasion of the Demons and their irresistible offer to join their forces, many of them switched sides and converted to the dark side. Pleased by their allegiance, the Demons granted them immense power and their immortality. These humans then became the first Vampires.


A branch of primitive, ritualistic people that moved into the forest to live, leaving the valleys after lifestyle differences with the Royalties. They worship elemental deities, living in harmony with nature and refuse to be controlled by the monarchy system. The forest they live in is full of resources - minerals, ores, wood and herbs. Such abundance caused other living races to become jealous, and with no trade between the savage tribe and other lands, some decided to wage war to take what they want. The Savages fight in order to protect what they have.


Initially, they belonged to the same community of humans that resisted the ruthless reign of the Demon Lord and tried to fight back, only to have half of their population cursed, transformed into these nocturnal hunting beasts. They were cursed by the ancient Demons they once opposed for their lack of support during the war between mankind and Demons. These were citizens of the largest cities in the old kingdom back then. The cities collapsed within mere days after the curse, forcing them to leave and move into the corners of the world, far away from other humans.

Only YOU have the power to bring peace or continue the conflict in the world of Lords Mania!
Battle your friends or unite to form Guilds

Test your powerful deck against friends or take up arms against the strongest players in the game. Lords Mania: Eternal War’s player vs player (PVP) system gives you the chance to defeat everyone standing in your way, as you climb the world leaderboard to determine who is truly the strongest!

Or share in-game secrets, discuss the story and figure out the best card combinations together by forming your very own Guild. Great minds think alike - unite against the rest of the world and stand tall as the most powerful Guild in Lords Mania: Eternal War.


• Put yourself into the world of Lords Mania: Eternal War. Create your very own character card and customize him or her, exactly the way you want.

• Play through an immersive storyline where four races: Royalties, Savages, Werewolves and Demons, battle each other in an endless war for precious land and resources. You can make key decisions in the game and change the course of history.

• Strengthen your characters’ stats with special Emblems to crush your opponent.

• Choose between three classes: The Tank, Range or Summoner, and traverse through a unique fantasy story depicting the battle between Royalties, Vampires, Savages and Werewolves. Only you have the power to determine the fate of the world.

• Battle your enemies with style - create your very own deck from a multitude of Troops and Spells and summon them in real-time to battle and destroy your opponent’s Defence Towers, while defending your own at the same time.

• Customise your deck through the cards you earn from the Adventure Mode or purchase more cards through the in-game store. Either way, you have the power to create your very own deck to tilt the balance of the world.

• You’re not alone. Battle against your friends at the tap of a button, or create a Guild to share your experiences, ideas and tips to beat the game.

LORDS MANIA: ETERNAL WAR is coming soon to Android and iOS Q1 2019.