16 JAN 2018

Oh no, the mischievous Dragon has stolen our precious baby Eggzians! Take control of the glorious King Eggzian and his mighty army on a 3-match game to outplay and outwit the Dragon, and reclaim our valued Eggzians once more.

Save the Eggzians!

The goal is to travel this expansive Eggzian world and reclaim the lost baby Eggzians. As an Egg Knight of the mighty King Eggzian army, your task is to arrange three to five eggs in a row or column (horizontally or vertically) to reclaim the eggs.

You start the adventure with five hearts - fail a stage, and you take damage, losing one heart in the process (don’t worry, you can recover hearts by resting the game for 15 minutes or request the help of the kingdom’s healing bay [in-app purchases] to recover a heart)

Different worlds provide require different strategies, time and a little bit of luck to reclaim the lost baby Eggzians from the mischievous Dragon itself - Can you reclaim them all?

Tips for your journey

By swapping two adjacent Eggzians among several on the stage map, you’re able to create a row or column of at least three matching Eggzians to reclaim into the kingdom. Match them correctly and you’ll be able to create a combo of two or more to gain bonus points.

In addition, when Eggzians are reclaimed into the kingdom, more Eggzians may appear and fall into the empty spaces, possibly creating a new matching set of Eggzians that are automatically cleared in the same manner. This chain reaction boosts your score further.

Will you be able to save all the Eggzians from the mischievous Dragon? Begin your journey and reclaim the precious Eggzians for the glory of the Eggzian kingdom!
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