16 JAN 2018

SINGAPORE - 13 October 2018 - Singapore game development startup Miiny Mobile Gaming Network (Miiny Holdings Pte Ltd), has announced their latest mobile game for iOS and Android: Lords Mania: Eternal War at Gamestart 2018, Suntec Convention Centre.

A Lords Mania: Eternal War teaser trailer was shown at the event, showcasing key characters from the game - Court Mage and Cleric from the Royalties, Blood Guard and Silver Bullet from the Vampires, Bird Hunter and Horseman from the Savages, and finally, Lycan Scout, South Paw and Code: Alpha from the Werewolves.

"The Court Mage, Cleric, Bird Hunter and Lycan Scout characters were brought to life by cosplayers, who were on-hand to pose for photographs and promote the brand new game.

Miiny’s new flagship title was opened for pre-registration and beta testing signup for the public throughout the two day event. A special limited edition series of commemorative Lords Mania: Eternal War EZ-Link cards were also given out to the public during the event.

To own one of the limited edition Lords Mania: Eternal War EZ-Link cards, the public needed to snap a picture with any of the cosplayers and post the image on their social media page with the #lordsmania.

The two-day Gamestart 2018 event is Southeast Asia’s Premier Game Convention. Along with Miiny, other exhibitors include Cygames, Disney, WB Games, Asus ROG, HyperX and many independent game development companies from Singapore and around the world. There was also plenty of exciting activities, like eSports action from the SEA Major, tabletop gaming, a doujin market and many more.

Lords Mania: Eternal War will be released for iOS and Android Q1 2019.

About Lords Mania

Lords Mania: Eternal War combines real-time strategy, RPG and a digital card game in a world populated by strife and unending conflict between the Royalties, Vampires, Savages and Werewolves. Destroy your opponent’s Towers by using your unique deck of eight cards formed from Spells and Troops, and create and customize a special 9th card, the Avatar. Unlock more cards in an expansive Adventure Mode, where you have the power to make decisive choices that could change the course of this war.

About Miiny

Miiny Mobile Gaming Network is a Singapore startup that specialises in mobile game development, aiming to break into the competitive global gaming industry. Miiny develops mobile games based on these core foundations: Fun, Futuristic, Tech and Educational. With three games under its belt: Egg Legend, Miiny Words Chef and Miiny Landlord Fight (our take on the popular card game from China Dou Di Zhu), Miiny is currently working on its flagship game, Lords Mania: Eternal War, alongside a number of new titles that’s sure to shake up the future of mobile gaming.

About Miiny Mobile Gaming Network

Miiny Mobile Gaming Network is a Singapore start-up that specialises in mobile game development and aims to be the first Singapore company to have a strong presence in the global gaming industry. Spearheaded by Kenneth Tham, who has been in the IT and games development industry for 15 years, Miiny conceptualises and develops mobile games based on the foundations of being "fun, futuristic, tech and educational".