16 JAN 2018
Miiny to Take Singapore-Developed Mobile Games Global with Top Local Talents

Home-grown mobile game developer launches talent competition in search of Singapore's top mobile developers and illustrators, while introducing three new mobile games.

SINGAPORE, Jan 16, 2018 - Homegrown mobile game developer, Miiny Mobile Gaming Network has announced its inaugural Mobile Game Development and Illustration Talent Competition today, at the company's launch and networking event, a platform for aspiring game developers and illustrators. Through the seven-month competition, Miiny aims to discover and recognise aspiring mobile game developers and illustrators in Singapore, while providing them an opportunity to collaborate with Miiny on top quality mobile games across the globe.

"We are constantly on the lookout for collaborative opportunities, said Kenneth Tham, Founder of Miiny. "Our first ever Mobile Game Development and Illustration Talent Competition is the perfect avenue for us to reach out to undiscovered local talents who have a passion for the gaming industry, especially within Singapore. Through this initiative, we also aim to develop a stable community of homegrown game developers, while providing global collaborative opportunities."

Winners of the competition will be invited to join Miiny's development team and publish their prize-winning games on Miiny's platform. Winning game developers will also receive up to S$5,000 worth of prizes, while winning illustrators will receive up to S$3,000 worth of prizes. Opened to all Singaporean citizens and permanent residents, judges will focus on participants originality, creativity, design and interface as judging criteria.

Also debuting at the event are three mobile games uniquely developed by Miiny. Available for download on the Google Play and Apple App Store, these games include:

Miiny Landlord Fight!

A card game based on the hugely popular game from China, Dou Di Zhu. In this game, two Farmers challenge one Landlord, the side that plays all of his/her cards first wins the game.

Egg Legend

A three-match game that requires different strategies to arrange three to five eggs in a row or column (horizontally or vertically). l You are part of the mighty King Eggzian army and their quest to reclaim the baby Eggzians, outplaying and outwitting the Dragon that has stolen the baby Eggzians.

Mobile Game Development and Illustration Talent Competition Details

The official competition's official website will go live on 16 January 2018. Interested participants can register by 15 March, and submit their games through the portal by 9 August. Judging will commence from 10 August to 9 October, and winners will be publicly announced by the end of October.

About Miiny Mobile Gaming Network

Miiny Mobile Gaming Network is a Singapore start-up that specialises in mobile game development and aims to be the first Singapore company to have a strong presence in the global gaming industry. Spearheaded by Kenneth Tham, who has been in the IT and games development industry for 15 years, Miiny conceptualises and develops mobile games based on the foundations of being "fun, futuristic, tech and educational".

"Our first ever Mobile Game Development and Illustration Talent Competition is the perfect avenue for us to reach out to undiscovered local talents who have a passion for the gaming industry, especially within Singapore. Through this initiative, we also aim to develop a stable community of homegrown game developers, while providing global collaborative opportunities."
Miiny Mobile Gaming Network Launch: Founder Speech

Members of the media, distinguished guests from Polytechnics and Universities, Ladies and Gentlemen.

It is both a great honour and privilege for me to welcome you to the launch of The Miiny Mobile Gaming Network.

We, are a proudly Singapore mobile game development company. And we aim to make a mark in the global mobile games industry.

I mean, please take a look around you – A smartphone is not just an entertainment tool. A smartphone can also be used for education, travelling, shopping and most importantly, health.

And there is something growing even bigger. Mobile Gaming.

From the time you take the train to work, to your children taking turns at home on your phone. Mobile gaming is becoming accessible for everyone. It is no surprise, mobile gaming will become one of the biggest revenue generating businesses globally. Unlike most media, mobile games are not tied to traditional borders between countries. This translates to limitless opportunities - something that Miiny wants to be the leader of.

This is why our games and by extension, Miiny itself is based on these foundations: Fun, Futuristic, Tech, and Educational.

First, not only are our mobile games Fun to play, we also have fun, especially when we conceptualise and develop more and more new games. We want to step into new genres and trying new ideas. To deliver great games that’s fun for the whole family.

At the same time, we support the government’s initiative. To be ready for the Singapore of the Future We want to take the lead into a mobile gaming industry that’s sure to grow tremendously over the coming years.

And as Tech changes the way we work, we want to incorporate only the best and latest tech to create the best games for our gamers.

Plus, we make an effort to incorporate Educational elements into our games for kids (and adults alike) to enjoy learning something new.

And we haven’t come empty handed. As you can see around you, we have these games at launch - Egg Legend, where you take control of the glorious King Eggzian and his mighty army on a 3-match game to reclaim stolen baby Eggzians, and Miiny Landlord Fight, based on a card game played widely in China called Dou Di Zhu.

In Miiny Landlord Fight, three players - two Farmers against one Landlord - play to see who can get rid of all their hand cards first. Using Poker card combinations, in addition to unique combos like the Bomb and Joker, no two games of Landlord Fight will end the same away.

These games are available on both iOS and Android platforms. Hopefully, you will be able to enjoy them as much as we had fun creating them.

Of course, there are several more games coming soon. In the 1st quarter of 2018 we have Words Chef, a word search puzzle game to brush up your command of English; in the 2nd quarter, we have Panda Run, our take on the endless runner genre; and our flagship game coming in the last quarter of the year, Lord’s Mania.

Lord’s Mania is a real-time, fantasy-inspired, strategy card-based game. Each player builds an eight card deck from buildings, spells and stunning, illustrated anime style characters, to wipe-out your opponent’s defence towers or the Lord’s Building, while defending yours. The key is using each card strategically to win the battle. Customise your army by unlocking various chest boxes as you progress through the world of Lord’s Mania.

Most importantly, we want to give back to the Singapore game development landscape - especially as we need more initiatives in the country to nurture and grow the local game development industry talent pool.

With that in mind, I am delighted to announce the Miiny Mobile Game Development & Illustration Talent Competition. This competition aims to search for the best and brightest Singapore game developers and illustrators. Not only will the winners be awarded cash prizes of up to S$16,000 in total, they will also be given the opportunity to pursue their dreams and grow within this industry.

The future is going to be amazing for mobile gaming, and we want Singapore to be a part of that conversation – to become the leader for global mobile gaming growth.

Ladies and Gentlemen, it’s time to Game On.

Thank you.