Genre: RPG Real-time Strategy Card Game

Command your Troops and wield magical Spells, represented as digital cards, to destroy your opponent’s Towers while simultaneously defending yours in this real-time strategy card game. Create your very own Hero and explore the Adventure Mode, an immersive RPG where your decisions decide the fate of the world.

Genre: Card Game

The most popular card game in China, now available in English! Landlord Fight, based on Dou Di Zhu, is a game for three players — each bidding for the Landlord position. Take risky bets and play special card combinations in an attempt to outwit, outplay and outlast your opponents. First player with no cards in hand first, wins!

Genre: 3-Match Puzzle

Play as the legendary King Eggzian and his mighty army of Eggzian Knights, as they travel on an epic journey to recover the stolen baby Eggzians from the mischievous Dragon. Simply match a minimum of 3 Eggzians in a row to rescue the baby Eggzians, scattered throughout the world. Can you reclaim them all?

Genre: Word Puzzle

MiinyGames Words Chef is brain teasing puzzle game that truly tests your command of the English language. Mix and match your way across all sorts of dishes — its easy to learn while you play! Words Chef helps improve concentration, master spelling and increase your vocabulary. Learn English words daily!